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Liberty Pumps

Liberty Pumps, located in Bergen, New York (a rural Upstate community located near Rochester) was founded in 1965.

As a privately held, family owned company with focused direction, Liberty has grown to become a Rochester Top 100 Company and leading domestic manufacturer of sump, sewage and effluent pumps for the professional trade in North America.

Produced in an efficient J.I.T. environment and ISO 9001 registered, Liberty's products are brought to life in a new, highly advanced facility. This facility is also home to the corporate offices, design and research labs, and manufacturing complex.

With a strong team of dedicated members backing each area of the company, you can count on Liberty to bring you the best in pumping products.

Liberty Portable Pumps
Liberty Pro 370 Pump.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking at installing a bathroom in my basement or garage.  What are some of the solutions for pumping the sewage up to the sewer or septic tank?

Liberty Pumps offers a number of solutions. 

If you do not want to break the floor level then consider the Ascent

This low cost macerating toilet system can also accommodate a sink and shower or bathtub. The shower or tub will need to be raised in order to drain into the Ascent macerator. The macerator handles waste and toilet paper and is designed for residential use. Maximum pumping head is 15 feet vertically and 150 feet horizontally through a one inch discharge. An optional extension pipe (ordered separately) allows for the macerator unit to be located behind the wall and out of site. The system includes a white elongated toilet and macerator. You can personalize the toilet with your own toilet seat.  

A more robust system is the LoPro41

Again, the floor does not need to be cut open. This unit mounts a standard toilet (not included), on a durable poly pedestal. An additional 2” opening for shower and sink inlet is also included. The cast iron sewage pump can pump 2” solids through a 2” discharge pipe.  A complete system includes the pump, pedestal tank and float switch but does not include the toilet.

 If you can go below floor level, the PRO370 or PRO380 sewage package is your optimal choice.  These units are available with various sized pumps.

The PRO380 features a shallow 24” basin that is installed below the floor level. Total capacity is 41 gallons for longer pump cycles. Other features include an easy access cover, a robust 2” solids-handling sewage pump and QuickTree® float system.

An optional alarm is also available for extra protection.

 All of these systems need an open air vent connected to them. They all come with a 2 year warranty. They may be purchased at your local distributor.  Use the distributor locator on our website to find one near you. Please contact your local city or town to make sure that you meet your local plumbing codes.

How can I purchase replacement parts?

Liberty products and replacement parts are sold through plumbing distributors. To find a distributor in your local area, please refer to our distributor-locator. Replacement parts can also be ordered directly from the factory by calling 1-800-543-2550 or through the Parts Area of the website.   Please click this link /Service/ReplacementParts/  select “Other” and insert your model number for various spare parts.  Select  PDF to see the assembly drawing.

What is the best type of pump to use in my application?

  • Sump Pump: A sump pump is used in applications where excess rainwater or groundwater needs to be pumped away from a particular area. A sump pump sits inside a basin (also known as a sump) that collects this excess water. You can use the Sump Pump Sizing Form to find the right sump pump for your application.
  • Drain Pump: A drain pump is used to pump the water from a sink, most commonly in laundry tray applications. You can use the Drain Pump Sizing Form to find the right drain pump for your application.
  • Sewage Pump: A sewage pump is used to pump wastewater (with solids) that is typically generated from bathroom use in residential or commercial applications. You can use the Sewage Pump Sizing Form to find the right sewage pump for your application.
  • Effluent Pump: An effluent pump is typically used in septic tank applications. Effluent is the gray wastewater that remains after the solids settle out. You can use the Effluent Pump Sizing Form to find the right effluent pump for your application.

What is the difference between a sewage pump and a grinder pump?

A sewage pump passes wastewater with solids through the discharge line without cutting or grinding them. A grinder pump cuts the solids and then passes the resulting slurry through the discharge pipe. Grinder pumps are typically used in commercial applications, where local code mandates that one be used, or in high-head or long-distance applications.

Should I add a high-level alarm to my system?

A high-level alarm is used to alert the owner if the liquid inside the tank of a pump system reaches a level that is higher than it would be if the pump were operating normally or if the liquid inflow were greater than the maximum pumping capacity of the pump. Liberty’s alarms can either be purchased separately or as part of a pre-assembled package. They can be used in sump, sewage, or effluent applications. Having an alarm may reduce your insurance premium and some insurance companies require them.  

A table of our various alarms and their features.

Can I use an automatic or mechanical vent device with a Liberty system?

An automatic or mechanical vent device can not be used since this type of vent typically allows air to pass only one way. Pump systems require venting in both directions. The system must be vented directly to the atmosphere in accordance with national and local plumbing codes (Please note that sump pumps do not require vents). Using these types of vents may cause improper drainage of the fixture or affect pump cycling.

What size sewage basin do I need?

The size of the basin that you need depends on the number of fixtures that will be draining into it. Please refer to our sewage pump sizing form for help in determining the most appropriate size for your application. Please note that local codes may dictate minimum basin size.

What type of battery do you recommend for use in the Model 441 (battery back-up sump pump)?

We recommend using a deep-cycle marine type battery (27M) for best performance. However, a standard 12V automobile battery may also be used. In either case, please be sure the battery is fully charged before installing it in the battery case.

If I need to replace the oil in my pump, what type should I use?

Liberty submersible pumps are hermetically sealed and permanently lubricated. Typically, they should never require the addition or replacement of oil. However, in the case of a significant repair where oil has been lost, the pump oil should be replaced with ISO32 turbine oil (which can be purchased through most motor repair shops). As an alternative, synthetic 5W30 motor oil may be used. The amount of oil in the unit should be just enough to cover the motor windings, however, there should be enough room left in the pump casing to allow for expansion when the oil heats up.

What is a pump performance curve?

A pump performance curve is a tool used to show the gallons per minute that a given pump model is capable of pumping over a range of total dynamic head measurements. A performance curve is used to determine the correct pump size for a specific application.

What does "shut-off head" mean?

Shut-off head refers to the highest point the pump will lift fluid. At this point the pump will pump 0 gallons per minute. It’s often used as a reference point to compare different pump models.

What is TDH (Total Dynamic Head)?

TDH is a combination of two components – Static Head and Friction Head – and is expressed in feet. Static head is the actual vertical distance measured from the minimum water level in the basin to the highest point in the discharge piping. Friction head is the additional head created in the discharge system due to resistance to flow within its components. Liberty has charts available to calculate TDH. Please contact Liberty’s customer service department for proper pump sizing.

Where can I purchase your products?

Call us at toll-free 1-888-749-5600
Monday-Friday 8am-5pm PST


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